Our team maintains current training form our manufacturers and we stay up-to-date on all of the latest technology and gear from our suppliers. If you have a question we know the answer, and if you have a problem we can fix it. 


No appointment necessary, just bring your bike in today for a free service estimate.

Bike Gears



MTB Linkage Service - $75 

Rear triangle removed, all pivots inspected and lubed, bearings replaced when recommended.

(Parts not included. Price subject to change depending on type of bicycle)


Fork Service  - $100

Lowers pulled, cleaned and inspected. Seals, wipers and fluids replaced.

(Parts not included. Price subject to change depending on type of fork)

Shock Service - $100 

Removed, cleaned and inspected. Seals and fluids replaced.

(Parts not included. Price subject to change depending on type of shock)

*Additional charge for excessively dirty bikes

*Additional charge for full suspension bikes

Ride Ready

Front and rear derailleur adjustment, front and

rear brake adjustment,

chain measure and lube, visual safety inspection


The Basics

RIDE READY PLUS lateral wheel truing, quick wipe down of

bike frame and components

and reduced installation

cost of new parts


The Next Level

THE BASICS PLUS lateral and radial wheel truing, thorough drivetrain cleaning, proper tensioning of hubs and headset, bottom bracket inspection 


The Best Value

The Full Pull

Strip bike to bare frame, full detailed cleaning, drivetrain parts cleaned, lateral and radial wheel truing, proper tensioning of hubs, headset lubed and adjusted, bottom bracket lubed and adjusted. All other parts cleaned, inspected and reinstalled


Bike Fittings


The most important thing (besides a helmet) when riding a bike is having the proper fit. A proper bike fit will greatly improve comfort on the bike as well as improved technique and performance and reduce the risk of injury.

At Woolley G's we provide a free standard bike fitting with all bike purchases to insure the most comfortable and efficient ride possible. If you bought your bike somewhere else we've got you covered. We offer standard and premium bike fits to anyone looking to improve comfort, performance, or technique. Stop by or call to make an appointment with one of our fitting experts so we can tailor your fit specifically to your riding style and get you fitted to your ideal specifications.

Custom Builds

Prices Vary

Are you a gram counter insisting on the lightest cycling machine possible? Do you like the sound of having a bicycle that looks like no other? Maybe you like to stand out in the crowd, or just need a new set of wheels that are bomb proof. 

The mechanics here at Woolley G's have been known to customize and build up some amazing machines that fit the needs specifically for our customers. We've even built a cleat that attaches to a prosthetic limb. Whether it's the desire to be different or necessity for functionality, we can do it. We love the challenge and even more so the reward of happy bikes.